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Our makeup protectors are designed to reduce nose marks and makeup smudges from your glasses. Our special blotting paper is designed to absorb your natural oils so you can stay pretty.

Our makeup protectors also help prevent glasses from sliding down your nose.

Simply place the makeup protectors on the nose pads of your glasses, and you're ready to rock your look all day.

🔸 Reduce embarrassing nose marks from glasses

🔸 Help prevent glasses from sliding down your nose

🔸 Thin layers provide invisible protection

🔸 Easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue

🔸 Two sizes included in each box; fits most glasses and sunglasses

🔸 Each box contains 64 self-adhesive makeup protectors (That's 32 pairs!)

We firmly believe you should be able to wear glasses AND makeup.

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Step One: Remove makeup protector from release paper.

Step Two: Step Two: Place makeup protectors on nose pads, aligning with the outer edge of your glasses, where your glasses touch your skin.

Step Three: Fold any excess material over the inside of your glasses for invisible protection.

PRO TIP: Use two or more pairs of makeup protectors for extra coverage on larger frames. Add makeup protectors wherever your glasses touch your skin.

Free standard shipping in the U.S. is included for orders over $15.

Depending on the weight of your glasses, you may see initial redness, but this should disappear after 30-60 seconds.

We firmly believe you should be able to wear glasses AND makeup.

Your glasses versus makeup problems is over!

Tired of glasses messing up her makeup, our founder started looking for a solution to reduce her embarrassing nose marks. 

She discovered blotting paper helped to absorb oil and reduce makeup smudging, leading her to create makeup protectors.

The makeup protectors worked, her friends were thrilled, and the rest is history.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Penny Stephenson
Excellent product

Honestly I wasn’t expecting these to work very well cuz they’re very thin. But I put them on my glasses and wow they do give my glasses grip to stay in place. Throughout the day I checked my makeup on my nose and there wasn’t even a hint of smudging at all. I am really just blown away how well these Pretty Britty makeup protectors really work. I’m so glad I ordered them. Thank you for making such a well needed product that does what it claims to do.

Hada Galaviz
Worth the money

I can finally wear sunglasses without worried about ruining my makeup definitely buying more!


I am blown away how great these work. Im definitely hooked!!

Selina Garay

I’m thankful there is a product like this. Best product to protect makeup.

10/10 recommend

they work sooo good!